Repisode: Root Beer Float Cookies

Yup. You read that right. Why have you never heard of them? I don’t know but props go to my friend Tricia for shedding light on this absolutely delicious recipe!

Now initially I thought I’d just be using some A&W root beer. Nope. The recipe calls for root beer extract. oooh fancy.

Where can you find it? Well not Walmart, Sobeys or Safeway. It’s at Bulk Barn BUT, it’s behind the counter…..weird right? Recipe I’ve never heard of and it’s main ingredient can only be found behind the counter? I think I’ve stumbled on a cookiespiracy here…..

Also, the bottles of root beer extract are super tiny ( about 2 bucks each ) and I used 2 in my batch.

Here is the link to the recipe I followed. Enjoy!

Root Beer Float Recipe