Gifts worth stealing

The Chinese gift exchange, it goes by many names and tis’ the season that you’ll likely get invited to participate in several between your family, friends and co-workers.

Here are some suggestions for things $20 and under for men or women that are totally worth stealing 😉

Throw Blankets – Who doesn’t want a nice soft blanket? This one looks perfect and it’s right under the $20 dollar mark.

Booze – I like to get something festive, at $19.99 Peppermint Kahlua is my pick!

Coffee & Tea – Pick up some cocoa and a festive mug! Around $13 from Starbucks.

Food – This time of year there are tons of those pre-wrapped gourmet food/candy baskets big and small around. I think this one from Hickory Farm would be a hit at $19.98.


If all else fails just go with the tried and true gift card! Happy stealing!

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